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A quick review of the songlist reveals something unique about Storywood - this isn't a typical dance band or club band playing the same old music. At this point, the band plays mostly cover tunes, but plays the classic tunes originally found on the airwaves of album oriented rock stations. Lead vocals are shared between the members, giving the audience a true variety of music. Storywood constantly "updates" its play list with acoustic rock and vintage rock & roll for a listening audience and works on new music with a classic feel.

Storywood is also in the process of building a list of intense original music reflective of the broad musical styles of the band's members. Click on the original titles below to see the lyrics and "The Story Behind the Music" on this growing book of work.

All For You - 
Amie - 
Angeline is Coming Home - 
Aqualung - 
Back in the USSR - 
Badge - 
Ballad of John & Yoko - 
Barely Breathing - 
Behind Blue Eyes - 
Bitter Creek - 
Born on the Bayou - 
Bottom of a Well - 
The Change - 
Change the World - 
Chase the Clouds Away - 
Cinnamon Girl - 
Dancing Days - 
Different Directions
Dock of the Bay - 
Doctor My Eyes - 
Fear of Falling - 
Follow You Down - 
For What It's Worth - 
Friend of the Devil - 
From the Beginning - 
Good Day for the Blues - 
Green River - 
Gypsy Lover
Hard Luck Woman - 
Her Town Too - 
Here Comes the Sun - 
Hold My Hand - 
Hole Hearted - 
The House is Rocking - 
I'd Love to Chnge the Wrld - 
If You Could Only See - 
In Your Eyes - 
Interstate Love Song - 
Into the Mystic - 
It's Only Natural - 
Jack and Diane - 
Jenny Jenny - 
Johnny B. Goode - 
Jumping Jack Flash - 
Just Another Day - 
Sister Hazel
Pure Prairie League
The Badlees
Jethro Tull
The Beatles
Duncan Shiek
The Who
Creedence Clearwater 
Darden Smith
David Broza
Eric Clapton
The Rembrandts
Neil Young
Led Zepplin
Otis Redding
Jackson Browne
The Badlees
Gin Blossoms
Buffalo Springfield
Grateful Dead
Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Creedence Clearwater 
James Taylor
The Beatles
Hootie & the Blowfish
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Ten Years After
Peter Gabriel
Stone Temple Pilots
Van Morrison
Crowded House
John Mellencamp
Tommy Two Tone
Chuck Berry
Rolling Stones
John Mellencamp
Keep Your Hands To Yourself - 
Lack of Water - 
Levee Song - 
Lola - 
Long Ago Last Night - 
Long Train Running - 
Lost in America - 
Love the One You're With - 
Main Street - 
Mama's Dating a Rich Man
Mama, I'm Coming Home - 
Mary Jane's Last Dance - 
Melissa - 
Mr. Spaceman - 
Moondance - 
Mother Goose - 
Mountain Side - 
Mustang Sally - 
Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown-
Norwegian Wood - 
Only Want to Be With You - 
Paper in Fire - 
Pink Houses - 
Ramblin' Man - 
Reeling in the Years - 
Rock and Roll Music - 
Satisfaction - 
Sixth Avenue Heartache - 
Slow Down - 
Son of a Son - 
Speed of Life - 
Spooky - 
Still You Turn Me On - 
Story in Your Eyes - 
Sweet Louisiana Sound - 
Sympathy for the Devil - 
Til I Hear It From You - 
Touch of Clove
Trials - 
Waiting on the Bus - 
Water of Love - 
What Would You Say - 
White Room - 
Wild Night - 
When a Man Loves a Woman - 
Georgia Sattelites
Why Store
Darden Smith
Williams Brothers
Doobie Brothers
Gathering Field
Stephen Stills
Bob Seger
Ozzy Osborne
Tom Petty
Allman Bros.
Van Morrison
Jethro Tull
Sweet Vine
Wilson Pickett
The Who
George Harrison
Hootie & the Blowfish
John Mellencamp
John Mellencamp
Allman Brothers
Steely Dan
Rolling Stones
Jimmy Buffett
Jude Cole
Atlanta Rhythm Section
Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Moody Blues
Billy Pilgrim
Rolling Stones
Soul Asylum
ZZ Top
Dire Straights
Dave Matthews
Van Morrison
Percy Sledge

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