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  • December 5, 1997 - Storywood in December
  • December 25, 1997 - Christmas Greetings from the Band
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  • January 3, 1998 - Hair of the Dog Party at M's Fine & Mellow Cafe (Baton Rouge, LA)
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  • Dateline: Saturday, October 25, 1997; somewhere off Jefferson Highway; Baton Rouge
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  • Photo 1 - Our first 8 x 10 glossy featuring the original members of the band. Somehow we thought this was a good look.
  • Photo 2 - Another incarnation of the band (circa 1997) including drummer John Bolter.
  • Friends - We love it when friends drop by and sit in ...
  • Studio - The band in the studio with Wendell Tilley of Kingfish Recording.
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  • E-Mail Messages

    Christmas Day, December 25, 1997

    Merry Christmas from Storywood! No business to be transacted here - no announcements, dates or listings, just our best wishes. We hope everyone had a great Christmas Eve and a great Christmas morning.

    Sharon Andrews, a great friend and sometimes bass player, wrote the following prayer for a Christmas Eve church service - we share it with you. Bless you all!

    Pastoral Prayer for Christmas Eve  

    Emmanuel: God, you are with us! 

    We have been watching and waiting in darkness, tired and unexpectant, with mixed motives and mixed emotions. But finally, we have heard the promise of the prophets! We have caught the notes of an angel’s song. We have heard the story of a maiden and a carpenter. We have seen a star and are ready to follow it, to seek your blessing. We hear the distant cry of a newborn baby, and we rejoice that you are bringing hope to all who cry. 

    We pray tonight for all who have come with us on this journey. We pray for those who like shepherds, are hungry for good news. We pray for those who like magi, are wandering and searching. We pray for those who like the innkeeper, are busy, but not too preoccupied to know the peace that comes from a genuine act of compassion. 

    We thank you, God, for the joy of this night -- for family and friends, for sharing and feasting. We are filled with love because you have offered us the gift of your Spirit, calling us to join you in shaping a world where the news of angels and the wonder of shepherds is more than a distant is a present reality! We pray that in our words and in our lives, we will touch the lives of others -- especially the lonely, the sad, the ill, the despised, the hopeless -- and in finding them, might also find ourselves, we who are also in need of comfort and joy. 

    Emmanuel: God, you are with us! 

    We magnify your name, and rejoice in this moment, crying aloud with the heavenly host: “Glory to God in the highest! Peace on earth and goodwill to all people!” 


    Friday, December 5, 1997

    Hello all, and best wishes for these holidays! In December, Storywood is playing at Richoux’s on Friday the 12th and Friday the 19th. Our show on the 12th will be a little different, as Brian Dubreuil will be out of town, leaving Alan Berteau and Brian Andrews to carry with a solo duet. This duo had considered using their initials for a temporary band name, but “ABBA” had already been taken and the incidental baggage was immeasurable. So they will either go on as Storywood, Story, Wood, or some other combination. Probably best to show up and see how this is resolved (see how this marketing stuff works - you create intrigue and draw your audience in). Be sure to bring 30 to 40 of your closest friends as well.

    On the 19th we will have the full band together and plan to debut a special guest player on bass guitar for 2 or 3 special songs. No other details can be disclosed at this point (see, that marketing stuff is coming around again) so best to show up as see what happens. This will be the last Friday performance of the Christmas season and of the year, so we’ll try to make it special.

    On Saturday, January 3rd, Marian Pickett of M’s Fine and Mellow Cafe has invited the band to play for her Hair of the Dog party. For those of you who don’t know, “hair of the dog” refers to the cure for a hangover - MORE OF THE SAME. So if you still have a post-New Year’s hangover, come to this party for the cure. Or, if you didn’t celebrate New Year’s with friends, we will reenact the countdown at midnight and might even pop the cork on a bottle of champagne with you.

    Our schedule for the month of December is just a bit sparse, with no special Christmas parties or New Year’s Eve celebrations, but we wanted to spend time with our families and loved ones during this special time. We look forward to 1998, particularly in terms of playing original music, some written by Brian Dubreuil and some by Brian Andrews, plus the great mix of classic music put together by bandmaster Alan Berteau (and his partner in life and music, Lori). We appreciate your interest in our music and thank you for your support.

    See you soon!


    Show Date: January 3, 1998 
    Place: M's Fine & Mellow Cafe - Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

    This was our large format poster for the club and our mailer sized flyer for our mailing list. 

    Marian Pickett, the lovely "M" of M's Fine & Mellow Cafe, came up with the theme - and it was a great show.


    Strange But True!

    Dateline: Saturday, October 25; somewhere off Jefferson Highway; Baton Rouge

    Yes, friends, it was hard to believe. Our favorite band was busted on this date for playing TOO LOUD! It's difficult to imagine that a band that's usually so law-abiding and calming; that's so very professional by their very nature; was visited by the finest of East Baton Rouge Parish and asked to please play more quietly. This correspondent was shocked beyond all belief.

    OK, so maybe it's easier to understand when it's known that the bust occurred at a neighborhood Halloween party at the home of one of the band members, but still...

    Let's just say that at least one member of the band was most amused by the actions of the Sherriff's Department, and couldn't wait for Monday morning and the opportunity to share with his colleagues as one of the largest banks in Louisiana that his band had finally been shut down by the cops.

    Is there any need for further explanation? As this correspondent recalls the incidents of earlier this evening through a combination of Abita Springs' best brew and some of the very best gender bending in the city, the facts become all too clear. It's obvious that a band this good deserves to be playing gigs more decibel-acceptable than neighborhood parties, especially if the neighbors are old fogies who can't hear past a throbbing bass line to the tender and carefully crafted lyrics of some of the best cover music of the past week, or the past three decades. Melinda, Guido, and Trevor were at their very best. Mimi and Drew were even tapping their toes to a glorius note. But still there were condo-commandos who weren't satisfied. Would Lawrence Welk, perchance, have soothed these savage beasts? We may never know. What we do know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, is that at least one Jim Croce song was performed with the drums silenced and the amps nearly so, and there was no subsequent visit by those who bear arms legally.

    Fellow afficianados of classic rock music with guitar leads, we must unite! We must join hands in a circle to provide a safe, protected cone of silence under which these magicians of the chord can perform.

    If there is anyone out there who longs to hear the music that's been banned in at least one neighborhood, pay a visit to the band that rocked Jefferson Terrace to its very roots. Here is the schedule of planned performances. Visit the band at one of these performances, and when you get there, tell the guitarist at center stage that Trevor sent you. He'll nod knowingly and play a Buffett song or two for you, or maybe even a song of your own choosing.

    Go now, and support this band or any other. Just remember to never let the gestapo of the legal world inflict their particular form of decibel-based censorship on your music, no matter the genre or the volume.



    This was our first 8 x 10 glossy featuring the original members of the band. Somehow we thought this was a good look.  

    In the front row is Sabrina King, who currently sings with Rollover in Baton Rouge. 

    circa 1994

    A different incarnation of the band.  

    Second from the right is then drummer John Bolter. 

    circa 1997
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